Should I Buy Used Golf Clubs

Should I Buy Used Golf Clubs?

The popularity of used clubs has grown in recent years. More and more golfers are opting to go for older models that may have seen a previous owner or two rather than the latest and greatest shiny thing pumped out by manufacturers.

The biggest reason behind buying second-hand is price. They are a great option for price-conscious golfers or someone just getting into the game. At other times they offer fantastic alternatives for damaged clubs. If, for instance, the head flies off an eight iron, then it may be impossible to buy the exact replacement brand new without buying a whole new set. However, that same individual club may be for sale somewhere secondhand, usually, at a much-reduced price.

Let’s try to answer the question should I buy used golf clubs.

Why Should I Buy Second-Hand Golf Clubs?


There are big savings to be made on second-hand clubs. Customers will have a wide range of top-quality brands to choose from and while these clubs might not be the latest model, they still perform very well.

New To Golf

Anyone new to golf might get an initial shock at how expensive the game can be. One option when starting out is to buy a package set of clubs. While this is always a solid way to go, the clubs are unlikely to be of a very high standard. With second-hand, however, beginners can get the best used sets for less.


As stated above, you may be able to buy a single iron second-hand. You can also tailor your bag and fill it with whatever way you want. Was there a driver you like from a couple of years ago? No problem. A 3- wood from 10 years ago? Done. That classy 30-year-old putter? Sure thing.

Not only can you build your bag to suit you, it’s also pretty fun to own a wide range of different clubs from over the years!


While golf is a healthy sport for humans, it isn’t very healthy for the environment. Further efforts need to be made to improve the footprint of the game upon nature and buying second-hand clubs is one way to rectify this.

The more second-hand clubs that are bought, the less demand there is for new clubs and the fewer that will be produced.

MyGolfSpy discuss the merits of used clubs

How Much Can You Save By Buying Used Golf Clubs?

Golfers can potentially save a lot of money when buying used golf clubs. The main factors behind price are age and condition. For the new TaylorMade Stealth driver, there are second-hand versions ranging from $449.99 to $517.99. The cost of it brand new is $579.99, marking a saving of between $62 to $130.

If golfers were looking to go for something a bit more retro, the Titleist 975D can be purchased for just $49.99 as opposed to its selling price when new at $399.99. There are many other clubs like the 975D where big savings can be made, enabling golfers to build a complete, quality bag for the same cost as a new driver!

To be fair you might want to change your clubs more often than once every 20 years though!

What to Look for When Buying Used Golf Clubs

Know Your Specs

What loft, flex and length suits you best? Even if you are suited to buying off the rack, be aware that the previous owner may have had them custom fitted which will alter their suitability.

Even used some clubs are still quite expensive so you should make sure to try out several models on a launch monitor so you have some idea of the right specs for your swing.

Rating System

Second-hand clubs will usually be ranked from 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 being virtually new. Knowing this system will help golfers get the best deal for their new club. If you’re prepared to compromise on the looks then you can sometimes pick up a real bargain in the used market.

Counterfeit Clubs

the rise in the price of new clubs has trickled down into the used market so much so that some unscrupulous people have started producing copies of some of the most popular clubs like Callaway or TaylorMade.

You need to be wary of counterfeit clubs and always try to view the clubs in person before you buy. If possible, purchase from a reputable used club seller with a reliable track record.

Your local PGA professional can often be a great source for a used set of clubs. There’s also the added benefit that he will be able to fit new grips to your purchases.

Are Used Golf Clubs Worth Buying?

Yes! Used golf clubs are definitely worth buying. As long as the clubs are in good condition and suited to your game they deserve to be considered. Your wallet may thank you in the long run.

Can I Get Second Hand Golf Clubs Fitted?

Getting fitted for second-hand clubs is possible, but it is very rare. The best advice is to have a fitting before buying used clubs so you understand your swing and your requirements. That way you will at least be able to make an educated decision when you are searching for your next set of irons or woods.

If necessary, after purchase you could have a different shaft put into the club and many drivers are now adjustable so you can alter it to suit your swing.

What About Second Hand Putters?

Of all the clubs in the bag, the putter is the most suited to being purchased second-hand. Despite being used more than any other club in the bag, the putter goes through the least amount of wear and tear.

Other than its condition though, putting is all about feel. Golfers have a strange relationship with the flat stick. If the relationship is good, golf becomes a joy. If it’s bad, the game is torture.

When golfers find a putter that truly works for them and feels comfortable in their hands, they should buy it immediately. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the hottest, newest thing on the market or a fifty-year-old antique.

Maybe you got rid of your favorite putter which is no longer in production. You might still be able to buy a used example of it though. Buying new golf clubs is just like buying a new car once you take them off the lot you’ve lost 20%. Along with drivers putters can be extremely expensive and they are an ideal type of club to buy used.

There is a massive market for some premium brands like Scotty Cameron with many people looking to build collections. When you start playing golf you probably don’t want to spend $400 on a putter you could pick up a used putter for around half the price and still have a top quality model.

What About Second Hand Wedges?

At the other end of the scale, we have used wedges. Buying second-hand wedges can be trickier than buying other second-hand clubs. To be fit for purpose they need to have fresh, clean grooves. Any damage to these grooves or wear on the face can severely impact performance. Be extra vigilant when purchasing wedges.

Of course with premium wedges now costing as much as $200 each you might be willing to forego some performance if you are saving $100 per club!

Should I buy Used Golf Clubs: Conclusion

The final verdict is YES! You should buy second-hand clubs, or at least be open to the idea. There are numerous benefits with price being the main one. Being kinder to the environment and having a wider range of equipment to choose from might also sway you. A word of warning is to ensure you carry out research prior to purchase and buy from a proven seller if possible.

If you’d still rather go with new clubs then check out my how to buy a driver guide.

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