Should I Buy Expensive Golf Balls

Should I Buy Expensive Golf Balls?

Your golfing buddies all seem to be playing Titleist Pro V1s but when they cost $50 a dozen you are wondering whether you should splash the cash when you’re losing half a dozen balls every round!

As with most things golf related there’s no one size fits all answer to the question should I buy expensive golf balls? It really depends on what you can afford and how good your game is. Let’s try and help you make a decision to find the right golf ball.

How Much Do Golf Balls Cost?

Brand-new golf balls usually start at around $12 per dozen with premium balls costing $40-$50 per dozen. If you’re prepared to look at lake balls or refinished ones then you can get them quite a lot cheaper. However, there is always a question mark over the performance of used golf balls. If you’re going to go that route I would definitely stick to lake balls and try to buy from a reputable outlet.

callaway chrome soft golf balls
callaway chrome soft golf balls

Should High Handicappers Use Cheap Or Expensive Golf Balls?

Many high handicappers and beginners use cheap golf balls because they have a tendency to lose lots of them every time they play. If you are regularly smacking the ball into the woods then you may not relish the prospect of teeing up a ball that cost $4!

If you regularly lose several balls every round then your wallet might not be able to cope with the expense so you have no choice but to use cheaper golf balls.

However, some players with high handicaps use expensive golf balls because they believe it will help them to improve their game or just because they think that’s the right ball to play with. The overwhelming majority of golfers probably won’t see that much difference in their scores no matter what sort of golf ball they play.

If you have no illusions about the standard of your golf and are on a budget then there is probably little point in you paying the extra to use tour-quality golf balls.

Players shooting 90+ probably don’t generate great swing speed either which directly translates to ball speed. Most high-quality balls tend to perform best for faster swing speeds.

Players who value a soft feel over everything else might actually be better off with some lower-priced golf balls as they can feel extremely soft these days.

Titleist Ball Plant III

Why Are Titleist Balls So Expensive?

Titleist is the most popular brand of golf ball. They are renowned for their quality and performance. They produce are some of the most expensive balls on the market in each segment, but they offer some of the best performance and durability. Many professional golfers use them and they are advertised as “the number one ball in golf”. While they may be more expensive than other brands, many golfers believe that they are worth the price for the best performance.

To an extent, it also comes down to what the market will pay. Many people will pay extra for a premium brand so Titleist is able to charge a higher price than its competitors.

To be fair there are also lots of processes that a top-quality ball goes through when it is manufactured compared with cheaper models.

Can I Save Money On Premium Balls?

Sometimes its possible to find overstamp versions of balls. These have had company logos printed on them but are no longer needed so they get sold off at a discount. Apart from the logo they are the same as a new ball.

Another option is to try out one of the direct-to-consumer ball companies that are producing balls that are similar to the Pro V1 but at 50-60% of the cost.

What Is The Best Golf Ball For The Money?

It is hard to say what the best golf ball for the money is. It really depends on the golfer and their swing. Some golfers prefer a ball that spins around the green, while others prefer less spin. Distance is also a factor to consider. Some golfers like to have a ball that goes as far as possible with their golf swing. Ultimately, it is up to the golfer to decide what golf ball works best for them and which one suits their pocket.

Everyone has their own way of measuring value for money.

Are More Expensive Golf Balls Worth The Money?

Beginners might wonder if it’s worth paying the extra for a tour-quality ball. The answer to that question is not a simple one. It depends primarily on the golfer’s skill level. If a golfer has a low handicap then they might benefit from using a more expensive ball. This is because higher-quality golf balls have better construction and materials that can help improve spin and feel. However, if a golfer is just starting out, or if they are not very good at golf, then they might be better off using a cheap ball. This is because it is more important to focus on improving their swing and technique, rather than worrying about what type of ball they are using.

Sometimes it can be worth paying more just for the confidence boost you get from playing with the ‘best’ equipment.

You might like the idea of using a Pro V1 or Pro V1x but there are some balls out there that perform very much like the market leaders from many different manufacturers including some that are quite a bit cheaper.

If you currently use the Pro V1 then you do have other options. Similarly you can find balls like the Pro V1x.

srixon z-star diamond golf ball
srixon z-star diamond golf ball

How Do Expensive and Inexpensive Golf Balls Differ?

There are several differences between an expensive ball and an inexpensive one. Expensive golf balls tend to be made to stricter tolerances using higher quality materials. The cover materials will help you generate more spin on approaches while still achieving distance off the tee because they have low spin with the driver.

You may find there is a greater range of choice in terms of ball flight at the top end of the market.

Are Lake Balls And Refurbished Balls Worth The Money?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a golf ball. If you’re a casual golfer who just wants to get out and have some fun, then a used ball or refurbished ball is usually fine. However, if you’re a more serious golfer who is looking to improve their game, then you might want to invest in a higher quality ball.

Urethane golf balls, like the Pro V1, are considered to be the best of the best when it comes to premium golf balls. So if you’re willing to spend a little extra, it might be worth it in the long run. If you want a good quality ball but don’t want to fork out for the Pro V1 then you do have other options.

Do Expensive Golf Balls Go Further?

Ultimately, it comes down to finding the best golf ball for your game. Experiment with different types and brands to see what works best for you. Don’t just blindly buy the most expensive ball thinking it will give you an edge – it might not!

If you are looking for maximum distance then you might find cheaper balls that spin less will give you some extra yards. It depends on the launch conditions that you produce. If your swing tends to generate too much spin with a driver moving to a cheaper, lower compression golf ball might reduce your spin to the optimum level. You would really need to test it out on a launch monitor.

The Most Expensive Golf Balls in the World

Restricting ourselves to balls that you could realistically play golf with then the XXIO premium can be pretty pricey if you can find them at $100+ per dozen along with the Dixon Fire that are environmentally friendly but will cost you around $75!

Do Golf Balls All Weigh The Same?

No golf balls don’t all weigh the same! Even within a box of balls there can be a few tenths of a gram difference between the heaviest and lightest ball although if the manufacturer wants the ball to remain on the conforming list then they have to remain below the maximum weight of 1.62 ounces (45.93g). I have tested 25 different ball models to find out!

Should I Buy Expensive Golf Balls: Conclusion

You need to weigh up how important the game of golf is to you and therefore what you consider acceptable to spend on golf balls. How much do you care about your performance and what standard of golf do you play? Players with a lower handicap are likely to see more benefit to using more costly golf balls and will probably see the investment in their game as worthwhile.

For more info on golf balls take a look at my guide to golf balls.

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