Ping G430 Max Driver Review

Ping G430 Max Driver Review

It’s that time of year again when golf manufacturers decide to show us their wares! In this case, Ping has introduced replacements for the G425 driver series. The new models for 2023 are the G430 family. Let’s take a look to see if this new Ping driver is worth buying.

What Are The Different Models In The G430 Series?

The previous generation came in three flavors:

This new Ping range adds a 4th option, the new G430 HL so we have:

  • Ping G430 Max
  • Ping G430 LST
  • Ping G430 SFT
  • Ping G430 HL

Who Is The Ping G430 Driver Designed For?

The new Ping G430 Max is designed to fit the widest range of golfers and as such is set up as a fairly neutral club. The G430 SFT is a draw-biased driver built to assist players that tend to struggle with a slice of the tee. The LST model is aimed at faster swingers who are looking to reduce the amount of spin they generate to maximize their distance.

ping g430 driver face
Ping G430 driver face

First Impressions Of The Ping G430 Max Driver

At address, the Max model looks similar to the driver that it replaces. Anyone who’s tried a Ping driver in the last few years will recognize the tabulators. On the shelf, the club looks to stand out more than the previous version with a splash of yellow to draw the eye. It does look like a premium driver but given its price, it really ought to.

What Ping Says About The Ping G430 Drivers Series

“We took the game’s most forgiving driver (that also ranks as one of the longest) and made it even longer”. Ping website.

Ping G430 Max Testing

On the launch monitor (Flightscope Mevo) I didn’t see a great deal of difference between the G430 and the previous model the G425 Max driver. There was slightly more ball speed which gave me an extra couple of yards carry. It is a pretty easy driver to hit and I found a lot of fairways when I took the club out on the course. Obviously, this isn’t a great surprise given the constraints that manufacturers now have to work within.

Ping G430 Pros & Cons


  • Forgiving
  • Some Extra Distance
  • Better Sound


  • Price – we are talking a week’s wages for a lot of people!
  • Not a massive improvement

To be honest you may find there is more distance to be gained by optimizing your launch conditions.

Ping G430 Specifications

All models feature an Optimized T9S+ Forged Face that is shallower and optimized to maximize distance and forgiveness. The internal rib structure has been changed to alter the harmonics to produce a better sound. Spinsistency should produce more distance across the face due to the variable roll radius.

Lofts9, 10.5, 129, 10.510.5
Length45.75 inches45.75 inches45.75 inches
Ping G430 Series specifications

Ping G430 Adjustability

Ping was one of the last manufacturers to introduce movable weights and hosels as they felt they tended to compromise on the performance of the club. Clearly, those days are now behind them as all three models feature both technologies.

All three models feature an adjustable weight cartridge at the rear of the club head which you can use to adjust the CG of the new Ping G430 driver. There is also a hosel that allows ±1.5° of loft adjustment and also allows you to tinker with the lie of the club to improve your ball flight.

Ping G430 Driver hosel
Ping G430 driver hosel

How Ping G430 Driver Models Differ

The LST driver is aimed at players looking to reduce spin (generally high swing speeds). The club head is slightly smaller than the other two models in the range. Hopefully, I can get to test that model soon. The LST is the only model in the range to feature a carbonfly wrap. This allows for weight to be repositioned to reduce spin.

The SFT is aimed at golfers who lose the ball right from the tee. The adjustable weight port can even be moved to an extreme draw setting if you are really struggling with your slice.

The Max edition will probably cover a large number of golfers as it’s designed to set up neutrally.

If you’re a slow swinger then the HL version of the Max or SFT might get you a little more speed and distance. The overall weight of the club is reduced by swapping out the movable cartridge for a lighter version along with a lighter shaft and grip.

Mark Crossfield reviews the Max and LST

Ping G430 Max Driver Review: Summary

If you’re coming from an older driver or one that is not fit to your swing then I have no doubt that buying the new Ping G4 30 Max driver will improve your driving distance and accuracy.

However, it is questionable whether you will see quantifiable improvements if you have a driver that already suits you and is less than five years old.

How often should you change your driver?

Ping G430 Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives that you could try to compare with the G430. There are several recent models and some new ones coming out in early 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Is The Ping Alta Shaft Good?

Ping Alta shafts are designed to suit a wide variety of players. They are available in three flexes which each launch at a slightly different trajectory.

Are Ping Golf Clubs Good For Beginners?

Ping golf clubs are an excellent choice for beginners. They are some of the most forgiving on the market and as such would suit a new golfer very well. The only fly in the ointment would be the cost. Ping does have an excellent custom fitting program which should get you clubs that suit your swing so should stand you in good stead for many years to come. As a new golfer, it might be difficult to justify shelling out $2000 on a driver, fairway wood and set of irons.

How Much Do The Ping G430 Drivers Cost?

IN the USA these drivers have a recommended price of $550, in the UK £525. Although you will probably be able to find them for around 10% below those prices if you shop around.

Is the Ping G430 Worth it?

$500/£500 is a lot of money to pay for one golf club in my opinion. If your driver’s fairly modern and was custom fit to your swing then you may find that any performance gains from any new driver will be minimal. That being said if you are playing with a fairly old driver which wasn’t custom fit then you could see much bigger gains. Obviously it is down to personal circumstances to decide whether an extra 10 yards on your tee shots is worth a $500 investment.

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