How To Hit The Draw And Fade In Golf

How To Hit The Draw And Fade In Golf – Learn To Shape Your Shots

When starting out most beginners are trying to just hit the ball straight! The last thing they want to do is see the ball moving in the air.

They probably don’t realize that hitting it perfectly straight is actually one of the harder shots in the game. By learning to move the ball one way or the other they would give themselves a greater margin for error. Knowing how to shape it can also be very useful in certain situations.

This guide will run through some hints and tips on how to hit the draw and fade in golf.

What Is A Draw In Golf?

A draw starts to the right of the target and moves slightly left in the air finishing at your target. If you are left-handed then a draw moves from left to right.

A hook is an uncontrolled draw and often leads the player into trouble!

What Is A Fade In Golf?

A fade golf shot is one that starts slightly left of the target and moves to the right in the air finishing where you wanted your ball to land for a right-handed player.

This is different from a slice that curves out of control and finishes well to the right of where you would like your ball to go.

Of course, if you are left-handed then the opposite is true.

Danny Maude shows you how to hit a draw

How To Hit A Draw Golf Shot

If you understood the fundamentals of the ball flight laws then you probably have a good idea of what you need to do to produce a draw.

Since you want the ball to start slightly to the right clubface needs to be pointed slightly right of your target at impact but it also needs to be closed relative to the swing path in order to get the ball to curve to the left.

Aim the clubface a little right of the target and then set up with a slightly closed stance. Swing along your stance line and this should give you a swing path out to the right. The further right that you aim your stance and swing path the greater the amount of draw you should get.

Some coaches may also suggest using a strong grip. I find this can be useful when I want to make the ball move more in the air. 

Fades don’t go as far, but majors are all about keeping the ball on the short grass. If you want to win majors, a fade is the shot.

Lee Trevino

How To Hit A Fade Golf Shot

Simply reverse the instructions for playing a draw.

The clubface needs to be pointed slightly left of the target at impact and it needs to be open in relation to the path in order to get the ball curving to the right.

Align your stance left of your target and have your club pointing a little left of the target line.

Make a swing along your stance line and try to avoid turning the face over through impact. This should keep the face open relative to the path and produce a slice.

As well as changing your setup you could try using a slightly weaker grip as well.

Benefits Of Shaping Your Shots

There are many advantages of being able to shape the ball.

  1. You have a greater margin of error if you work the ball in a specific direction. If you like to play a fade then you can aim down the left side of the fairway or to the left side of the green and you have a good chance of ending up where you want.
  2. You can maneuver your ball around obstacles on the course. You might need to curve it around a tree for example.
  3. The ability to curve the golf ball at will allows you to attack difficult pin positions or to fight a crosswind.
  4. You can position yourself better on dogleg holes if you can bend the ball around the dogleg.

Why Can’t I Just Hit The Ball Straight?

Hitting straight shots is actually quite difficult. Certainly for most amateur golfers to do so consistently. Learn how to hit a particular shape shot and you will effectively eliminate hazards on one side of the golf course. 

Do Professionals Hit A Fade Or Draw?

Modern equipment makes it much more difficult to move the ball in the air. Despite this most professionals will still aspire to move the ball in one direction most of the time.

For example, Martin Kaymer had always played with a fade but felt it was hindering his chances at the Masters so he spent a lot of time learning to move the ball in the opposite direction. Many would suggest this was a mistake as his career has taken a bit of a nosedive since his early major triumphs.

On the other hand, Dustin Johnson changed from a draw to a fade because he felt it gave him more control.

Bubba Watson is really the only player that moves the ball a lot in the air even when trying to play fairly simple shots.

How To Hit The Draw And Fade In Golf: Conclusion

Being able to move the ball at will is a very useful skill. Make sure you are comfortable hitting a stock shot before you start trying to learn how to curve it.

When you first start playing the game you are probably more worried about straightening out a hook or slice. As you improve as a golfer you can learn to hit fades and draws.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Is a draw or fade easier?

Most beginners and high handicappers have a tendency to lose the ball to the right. Moving the ball right to left in the air will tend to be much more difficult for the majority.

What is the difference between fade and draw?

A fade moves left to right but a draw moves right to left in the air. If you are left-handed then the ball moves in the opposite direction.

Is a draw better than a fade?

Neither is better than the other. Being able to produce them on demand is very useful though. In certain situations, one might be more useful than the other, however. Gaining more experience is often as important as working on your swing. 

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