How Much Does A Golf Ball Weigh

How Much Does A Golf Ball Weigh?

If you dip into the Rules of Golf then you will see that there is a limit for the maximum weight of a golf ball of 1.62 ounces (45.93 grams).

While there is a little bit of tolerance built into this rule by the games governing bodies (USGA and R&A), manufacturers that want to get their ball to sell in large quantities need to be aware and stay below it.

So a new golf ball shouldn’t weigh more than 1.62 oz.

Why Does It Matter What A Golf Ball Weighs?

It’s simply a question of consistency. If the United States Golf Association allowed a free for all with regard to the size and weight of golf balls then it would be impossible to judge performances by golfers using different makes and models of balls.

Up to a point, a heavier golf ball would travel farther than a lighter one. This means there has to be an upper limit on the weight of the golf ball in the rules.

seed sd-x1 golf ball
seed sd-x1 golf ball

Is There A Minimum Golf Ball Weight?

Since a lighter golf ball is likely to travel shorter distances than a heavier one it is unlikely players would be interested in such a ball. Therefore there is no reason for manufacturers to produce golf balls significantly lighter than the limit of 1.620 ounces.

Do Golf Balls Weigh The Same?

Most golf ball manufacturers try to get as close as possible to the maximum weight as they can without the average weight of a given production run exceeding the limit. In order to appear on the conforming golf ball list the USGA will test a batch of balls submitted by the manufacturer. While some balls may breach the weight limit overall the average golf ball must not exceed 1.62 oz. in weight.

Even within a single dozen golf balls, you’ll probably find a small discrepancy between the heaviest and lightest golf ball due to the production process.

Do Different Golf Ball Brands Weigh Different Amounts?

Every manufacturer will have a target weight for the model of ball they are producing but discrepancies in the production process will always mean the balls weigh slightly different amounts depending on how precise your measurements are.

Here are the results of some tests I performed:

BallAverage Weight (grams)Max Weight (grams)Min Weight (grams)
Bridgestone B X45.5945.6345.53
Bridgestone B XS45.7045.7545.62
Callaway Chrome Soft45.7345.7945.66
Callaway Chrome Soft X45.7245.7545.61
Cut Blue45.6645.7345.59
Kirkland Signature Performance45.7345.8845.69
Titleist TruFeel45.7745.9145.70
Titleist Pro V145.7345.7945.67
Seed SD-X145.8745.9045.83
Srixon Z-Star45.7745.8545.70
Srixon Z-Star Diamond45.6245.7145.57
Srixon Q-Star Tour45.4445.5245.38
Srixon Soft Feel 45.4245.56 45.22 
TaylorMade TP545.6645.7445.53
TaylorMade TP5x45.7645.8645.71
Vice Drive45.6045.5245.67
Vice Pro45.6645.5845.72
Vice Pro Plus45.4845.4245.53
Vice Pro Soft45.5745.4845.61
Vice Tour45.6545.5845.69
Volvik S345.8745.9245.83
Wilson Duo Soft45.8345.9145.70
average golf ball weights

*both Carver and Stealth balls exceed the maximum weight across the batch I tested (admittedly a small sample) and neither appear on the conforming ball list.

How Much Do A Dozen Golf Balls Weigh?

Excluding packaging, a dozen balls should weigh roughly 12 times the weight of one ball, so 19.44 ounces which are 551.11 g. Packaging will obviously vary between companies but that will take the weight up to around 23-23.5 ounces (660 g) for 12 golf balls.

How Much Do 100 Golf Balls Weigh?

Given that the maximum weight of a ball is 1.62 ounces that means 100 balls should weigh no more than 162 ounces or 10.125 pounds. This would be 4.59262kg.

It would depend somewhat on the particular model of ball you decided to weigh and whether they were new or old.

sleeve of tp5x golf balls
sleeve of tp5x golf balls

Is The Golf Ball Meant To Be A Certain Size?

Yes, there are restrictions on the size of a golf ball as well as weight restrictions. A golf ball should not be less than 1.68 inches in diameter. Historically there had also been a 1.62-inch diameter golf ball known as the British ball. The smaller golf ball was sometimes used by players when the tournament in question was run under the auspices of the Royal and Ancient. It was phased out when the rules were standardized on a 1.68-inch ball in 1990.

How Much Does A Golf Ball Weigh: Summary

So, there you have it. A golf ball should not be more then 1.62oz. (45.93g). If it is then it won’t get on the conforming ball list and therefore is unlikely to sell well.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How Much Did The Smaller “British” Ball Weigh?

The “British” ball also had a maximum weight limit. It was the same as the current limit and therefore could weigh no more than 1.62 ounces (45.93 g)

The smaller golf ball was legal until 1990.

What Is the Heaviest Legal Golf Ball?

The heaviest legal golf ball based on my own very limited testing is the Seed SD-X1. It had the highest average of 45.87g (1.618oz) out of the 25 models I weighed.

I would guess that the heaviest balls on average tend to be the premium tour balls. This is probably because they tend to go through more levels of quality control than a cheaper ball and therefore can push the envelope a little further.

Can You Purchase Golf Balls Heavier Than the Legal Limit?

I’ve not been able to find any manufacturers advertising that they make balls heavier than 1.62 ounces deliberately. However both Carver and Stealth balls that I sampled were in excess of 45.93g! They do not appear to be on the conforming ball list though.

Does a Golf Ball Weigh the Same All the Time?

As a golf ball is used the surface of the ball may become damaged which might affect the weight of the ball slightly. A ball that has been submerged in water for a long time may not weigh the same as when it first left the factory.

What is a pack of golf balls called?

Golf balls tend to be sold by the dozen. Each dozen is split into four sleeves of three balls each. So a pack of golf balls is known as a sleeve.

What is the Weight of a Golf Ball in Pounds?

Since the maximum weight for a golf ball is 1.62 ounces it means the maximum weight in pounds is 0.10125.

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