How Far To Stand From Golf Ball

How Far To Stand From Golf Ball

Getting the fundamentals correct is one way to give yourself the best chance of playing some decent golf. Even players that have been golfing for years can develop bad habits. In fact, professionals tend to spend a surprising amount of time making sure they get all the basics right before working hard on other parts of their game.

You can have the best rifle in the world but if it’s not aimed right then it won’t hit the target. Let’s give you some help understanding how far to stand from a golf ball.

What Can Happen If You Stand Too Close To The Ball?

If you stand too close to the golf ball, your posture will likely be too upright and you can lose your posture and balance during the swing. This is hardly a recipe for success with any club but especially the driver. Standing too close will prevent proper arm extension and cause a drop in swing speed.

You may also swing the club too high and hit the ball with the toe of the club, which can send it off course.

If you’re too close to the ball, you won’t be able to get the club in the right position, and you may end up hitting the ball with the heel of the club. It’s important to find the right position for your height and build, so you can make a smooth, controlled swing.

You will be more likely to need to manipulate the path of the club in an effort to get the clubface on the ball rather than making a free-flowing athletic golf swing.

Danny Maude shows you how far to stand from the ball

How Far Should You Stand From A Golf Ball?

Despite what some might think and say golf is an athletic sport. Certainly, if you want to do it right! You need to give yourself room to swing the club in an efficient manner with minimal manipulation.

At address, your arms should be hanging pretty much straight down and in order to give yourself the room you will need about a hands-width between the butt of the club and your thigh. This doesn’t vary for full shots anyway.

If you stand too close then there will be nowhere for your arms to go but straight up and you will have to make a very armsy swing that will likely be very inconsistent in terms of ball striking.

Standing too far from the golf ball means you will always be reaching for it in an effort to make decent contact and will result in a very flat swing.

How Do I Know If Iā€™m Standing Too Far Away From The Ball?

If you’re standing too far from the ball, the toe of the club will be off the ground. To fix this, simply move closer to the ball so the club sits flush to the ground.

What Are The Benefits Of Standing Further Away From The Ball?

Standing slightly too far away is probably the lesser of the two evils as you should still be able to make a decent swing. It’s likely that moving too close will push your weight onto your toes and you will find it more difficult to maintain balance.

Standing further from the ball gives you a better chance to get the club “in the slot” on the downswing. When you’re too close to the ball, it’s easy to come “over the top” and catch the ball with a steep, downward angle, resulting in a thin shot that goes nowhere. By moving away from the ball, you give yourself more time to make a proper downswing and hit the ball with a descending blow from the inside that will send it soaring down the fairway.

Should I Get A Golf Lesson?

Some golfers improve by taking golf lessons while others improve by practicing on their own or with friends. Ultimately, it depends on your own learning style and what you feel comfortable with. If you are struggling with your game, then a golf lesson may be a good idea in order to get some professional help. However, if you are confident in your ability to learn on your own, then you may not need a golf lesson.

Beginners might find a couple of lessons with a PGA professional useful early on as it will be more difficult to change the basics like grip and posture once they become ingrained.

Do All Clubs Require The Same Stance?

To hit the driver as far as possible you need to catch the ball on the upswing. This is easier to achieve if you have the ball forwards in your stance and feel like you are “behind” the ball at impact.

Other clubs need to be hit with a descending blow so the ball needs to be more toward the middle of the stance and you need to move ahead of the ball so the club hits the ball before the turf.

How Far Should I Stand From The Golf Ball When Driving

Assuming you have clubs that are the right length and lie then the club itself will determine how far you should stand from the golf ball. With the club squarely behind the ball, the butt end of the club should be approximately the width of your hand from your thigh.

The best way to ensure proper distance from the golf ball is to use a golf club that is the appropriate length for your height. With your driver, you should be able to stand up straight with your arms fully extended and still have some room to spare. If you need to bend over to reach the ball, then the club is too long. If you can’t fully extend your arms, then the club is too short. Once you have the right club, you can worry about finding the perfect stance.

How Far Should I Stand From The Ball When Chipping

Chipping doesn’t require the same club head speed as a full shot and most coaches and experienced players will want you to choke down on the club and stand a little closer to the golf ball at address.

How Far Should I Stand From A Golf Ball With An Iron

The same applies no matter what club you are using. You need to give yourself room to swing the club without having to reach for the ball. With the club placed behind the ball flat on the ground, you should take a stance where your arms are hanging vertically with around a hands width between the butt of the club and your thighs.

Can Standing Too Far From The Golf Ball Cause A Slice?

A slice is most often created when you stand too near the ball because this promotes an out-to-in swing which if coupled with a face that is open to that line will result in a slice that starts left of the target and curves away to the right.

Even if the ball is farther away from you than it should be you can still generate a slice by having a club face open to the path at impact. In this case your path might be “inside” but if the club face is open to that path then your ball will start right and slide further to the right.

Can Standing Too Far From The Ball Cause A Shank?

A shank is a type of shot in golf where the ball is hit off the hosel of the club, causing it to fly erratically, usually squirting out to the right at about 45 degrees! It’s probably more likely to be caused by standing too close but you can also start hitting shanks when you’re too far away.

If you find that you are shanking the ball, try to correct your grip and stance, and make sure you are standing the right distance from the ball.

Can Standing Too Far From The Ball Cause A Hook?

Golfers often ask whether they should stand closer to the ball to avoid a hook. While it may seem logical that being closer to the ball would result in a straighter shot, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, standing too close to the ball can actually cause a hook but is probably more likely to cause a slice. So, if you find yourself hitting hooks or slices, try checking your distance from the ball to make sure you are standing in the correct position.

What Is The Best Ball Position When Golfing?

With a driver you want the ball well forward in your stance so you can catch the ball on the up to maximize your driving distance. Most players will find the best position is opposite their left heel or instep. Other clubs need to be hit with more of a descending blow and should be played further back in the stance. Short irons are probably best played from the middle of your stance with longer clubs moving progressively forward.

How Far To Stand From Golf Ball: Summary

Having a solid grip, stance and address position is going to help you play consistent golf. Regularly checking ball position and distance from the ball will make Golf so much easier. Try to build some time into your practice sessions to work on your fundamentals to make sure you aren’t picking up bad habits.

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