About Us

Why Start GolfBenamor.com

Well to be honest I’m a bit fed up of seeing the terrible sites that Google serves up these days as “authorities” on golf. Most of the people writing the content for these sites have never even held a golf club much less played golf!

I wanted to put together a site that offered well-researched information written by people that actually play golf and wherever possible have experience of the products or services they are talking about.

I’ve been a fairly decent club player for many years and also had a hand in the administration side of a golf club too!

I won’t be recommending any rubbish to you even if it is dirt cheap.

I’d like to find one or two others like minded golfers to help me so if you are interested in writing for the site then please use the contact form.

Thanks for reading although I’m sure you’d rather be golfing.


gary smith driving
Squeezing one more round in!